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what to expect

what to expect

Passionate About Inspiring Others



  1. authority or power given to someone to do something.

    • the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.








Lotus Flower

Our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner being. 

In today's world, as we transcend childhood into adulthood and beyond, our existence is almost entirely ruled by external influences, fears, limiting beliefs, judgement, and so on.  These factors are what keep us from stepping into our true selves and from reaching our true potential.


The #1 reason for feeling "stuck" in life is feeling like you are not aligned with your purpose and values.

The factors that get us there: self-love, self-worth, self-alignment.

We must first address our inner wounds and traumas before we can truly shed negative blocks that no longer serve us and perpetually keep us from moving forward in life.  Most of these blocks are not intentional and a natural process of every day life accumulating fears, repressed emotions, unresolved grief, resentment, etc . . .

My calling as a Life Coach is to help you find your stepping stones towards YOUR purpose and alignment.  

I will help you take the leap.

My commitment to you:

Anything you share with me in discussion is absolutely 100% confidential and will not be shared with any one, whether we share a social circle, or not. No exceptions. 

This is a judgement free zone

My relationship with you is as a coach, someone to assure and affirm your path and help you find your right track.

You must be fully committed and ready for transition and transformation, otherwise my coaching will not be of benefit to you.

This is a two way relationship- I respect you, you respect me. 

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