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Alignment. Purpose

" Most people won't reach their full potential without someone encouraging and believing in them. It's no mistake that specific people have been placed in our lives, it's our job to build them up an have them walk away from us feeling uplifted and inspired.        -Joel Osteen

my story

Very simply, I am a(n)


  • Portuguese-American

  • Veterinarian

  • Entrepreneur

  • Author

  • Traveler

  • Life Coach

By divine construction, I am an Intuitive Empath, a Healer, and a Lightworker.

This means I can literally feel and sense what you are feeling, I attract people who need emotional healing, and I was put on this Earth with a very specific mission- to help you see your own light.

By nature, I am an explorer, a wanderer, a dreamer.

Within my own growth and evolution, it has now become much clearer to me when I reflect back at all my life experiences, whether challenging or catalyzing,  how they have shaped the person I am now and the person I continue to evolve to be.

And so have your challenges.  The pivotal question is: are you allowing yourself to grow and break out of limiting beliefs and patterns or are you allowing yourself to remain stagnant in the face of fear and insecurities? 

We all share our existence on Earth with common paths of facing obstacles that are building blocks to our transformation as beings. 


Albeit, what sets us apart from each other is simply our purpose and how we choose to get there.  Each and every one of us has a life purpose- a goal-  our soul's commitment- a mission; however we label it, our sense of purpose lies at the core of our true happiness and inner peace.

I look forward to helping you find your path.

Release your inner beast

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I look forward to hearing your story. These 30 minutes will focus on your goals and expectations so I can best assess how I can best help you. 

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